Appendix B

Appendix B - Schedule 1

Sale or Transfer Proceedings - Applicable to All Utilities

No. Copies Required,
Including Original
In addition to the original and twelve (12) copies of the petition, the following items are required:
13 1. For each party to the transaction, a copy of its corporate charter or articles of incorporation or, if a partnership, a copy of any written partnership agreement.
13 2. If a party to the transaction is a foreign corporation, a copy of its authority to do business in the State of Mississippi.
13 3. For each party to the transaction, the names and addresses of its board of directors, officers and any person owning fifteen percent (15%) or more of its stock. If not a corporation, the names and addresses of all owners or partners.
13 4. A copy of any and all written agreements concerning the proposed sale or transfer.
13 5. If any acquisition adjustment to rate base or expenses is sought, a summary of the justifications therefore together with the details of all accounting adjustments proposed to be made.
13 6. A list of any other Mississippi utility operations owned, directly or indirectly, by either party.
13 7. For each party to the transaction, a balance sheet for the most recent month available which shall be not less than nine months prior to the filing date.
13 8. For each party to the transaction, an operating statement of revenues and expenses for the twelve months ending as of the date of the balance sheet.
13 9. An exhibit listing the names and addresses of all interested persons as defined in Rule 2K of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure together with a certificate that the filing utility has served a notice of the filing upon each.
13 10. In the case of a partial transfer or sale, the legal description of the certificated area being transferred and a reference to the orders or certificates granting said area to the transferring utility.
13 11. All testimony to be relied upon at hearing.