Hire Mississippi


Hire Mississippi requires aggressive notification and reporting by the state’s rate-regulated, investor-owned utilities so that they can reach and award contracts to more Mississippi contractors. The goal of Hire Mississippi is to increase Mississippians’ access to utility contracts, create a more transparent and open bid process, boost economic development and increase employment in the state.

The Hire Mississippi List

The Hire Mississippi List is a directory of all Mississippi contractors who wish to be notified of contracting opportunities with Mississippi’s utilities. If you would like your company added to any or all utilities' Hire Mississippi Lists, click on the link(s) below. The benefits of participating are:

  • Mississippi contractors on the Hire Mississippi List will receive notification of all known upcoming bids for contracts over $200,000 within the scope of goods or services they furnish.
  • No Prime Contractor will be awarded a utility contract until they have consulted the Hire Mississippi List in awarding subcontracts.

Hire Mississippi Links

 Hire Mississippi also requires:

  • Utilities are required to publish quarterly notices in local newspapers to advertise the opportunity to be on the Hire Mississippi List, so that no one is left behind.
  • Utilities must explain to Mississippi contractors the bidding process, qualifications, and other procedures for the awarding of contracts.
  • Some large contracts must be broken up into separate, smaller-scoped contracts to accommodate more bids.
  • In filings before the Commission, the utilities will be asked whether Mississippi companies were awarded contracts for each project. In the event an out-of-state firm is selected for a project, the company must explain that decision.

Read the full Hire Mississippi Rule here.