Pipeline Safety Forms

U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Accident/Incident Reporting, Annual Reporting and Inspection Forms


Chapter 57.1 Reporting of Construction Work Rule 57.1

All construction work involving gas facilities in which the estimated cost of proposed facilities is in excess eight thousand dollars and related facilities that would be governed by the Federal Minimum Safety Requirements, parts 191 and 192, and the amendments thereto, will be reported in writing, or via telephone to the MS Public Service Commission prior to starting date of such construction. Exception to this requirement will be in an emergency condition where emergency service to protect people or property is required. Notification via telephone should be made as soon as possible after commencing with emergency service but at no time will exceed forty-eight hours.*
Construction Notice Form (revised 04-06)


Chapter 57.2 Natural Gas Qualification Program Rule 57.2

To ensure that every Natural Gas Distribution system in Mississippi is in compliance with 49- CFR-192-199, as is or hereinafter amended, and promotes full compliance with said code. 

This rule is intended to apply, and does apply, only to certain local natural gas distribution systems in Mississippi that are distributing natural gas for sale to ultimate consumers in the geographic areas certificated to said systems by the Commission and to master meter operators. 

Provided, however, not withstanding any other provision of this rule to the contrary, this rule shall not apply to any investor-owned local natural gas distribution system that, as of November 1, 1994, served in excess of 20,000 metered locations within the state of Mississippi.
Affidavit to Designate Operator (revised 06-13)