Safety City

The Mississippi Public Service Commission, Pipeline Safety Division in conjunction with the Mississippi Fire Academy, is partnering to create a new state-of-the-art natural gas training facility. This new facility (to be named “Safety City”) will be located on Mississippi Fire Academy property near Jackson, Mississippi and will offer operator qualification opportunities for individuals working in the natural gas industry. Magnolia River has been contracted to assist in the planning, engineering design and development of this facility. Construction is underway.

Operator Training Opportunities:

Code Compliance Violations
Customer Leak Investigation
Combustible Gas Indicator Operations
Plastic Pipe Fusion
Cathodic Protection 
Pressure Regulating Station Inspections 
Purging Procedures 
Pipe Coating Repair 
Job Site Protection 
New Service Pressure Checks 
Line Locating for locating underground facilities 
Emergency Response and Service Restoration 
Main and Service Repair (Steel and Plastic) 
Controlling the Accidental Release of Gas 
Tapping and Stopping 
Pipe Welding and Inspection