Zap the Gap - Southern District

Help the PSC Zap the Gap in Mississippi

Mississippians are becoming more and more reliant on cell phone service and high speed internet access in their daily lives. Unfortunately, there are areas in our state, especially rural areas, that still lack efficient wireless coverage and broadband service. We want your feedback to help the MS Public Service Commission “Zap the Gap.” 

In early 2008, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley of the Northern District heard about a little known program being used in other states to bring better cell phone service to rural areas where wireless coverage was spotty or even non-existent. After many months of research on the program and its results, Commissioner Presley initiated Zap the Gap in an effort to fill the "gaps" in areas of North Mississippi still needing service or more improved coverage. Now, Commissioner Dane Maxwell has joined Commissioner Presley to bring this to the Southern District and expand the program further into Mississippi.

If you live in an area of South Mississippi that has poor cell phone coverage or lacks high-speed internet service, we need to hear from you. The Southern District staff will collect information from the consumer survey forms to determine where the problem areas are. We ask you to also take the time to fill out the Broadband Internet Survey, if you know of an area that could benefit from broadband networking. The information you share will assist us in our goal of bringing affordable broadband internet access as well as dependable wireless coverage to everyone in the state of Mississippi. 

If you live in an area without natural gas service, we would like to hear from you, too. Please take a few minutes to fill out the Natural Gas Survey. The information you share will assist us in our goal of expanding Natural Gas service in Mississippi. 

With your help, the Mississippi Public Service Commission intends to work with providers to make sure these gaps in service are filled as soon as possible.


Complete the Online Surveys here:

Wireless and Broadband 
Natural Gas


or download the forms: 

Wireless Survey 
Broadband Survey 
Natural Gas Survey 


and mail to: 

Commissioner Wayne Carr
Zap the Gap
P.O. Box 1174
Jackson, MS 39215 

If you have other concerns regarding your wireless or internet service (e.g., billing, contracts, etc.), please contact the Southern District Toll Free at (800) 356-6429.