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De'Keither Stamps

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Welcome to the Central District webpage. As your commissioner, I am focused on protecting the public’s interest when it comes to your utility bills and service. Please take time and look around our web page and feel free to email me or my staff with any questions, comments, or concerns you have. I stand committed to serving and protecting your interests, and I look forward to hearing from you.


About Commissioner Stamps

De'Keither Stamps is a figure whose life reads like a testament to service, resilience, and leadership. As a Learned, Mississippi native, his roots run deep through the community's schools, from McLeod to Timberlawn, Siwell to Forest Hill, where his early life in public education set the foundation for his formidable character.

Following high school, De'Keither sought to serve his country and joined the United States Marine Corps, a decision that would lead him on an extraordinary journey, including three years in the esteemed role of Presidential Security for Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. His dedication to service didn't stop there; De'Keither then took his commitment overseas, working with the State Department in various capacities across Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

With a relentless spirit, he re-enlisted, this time with the Army in 2005, driven by a desire to be on the ground in Iraq. There, he joined the ranks of the 82nd Airborne Division, enduring back-to-back deployments, a testament to his endurance and commitment to the cause of freedom.

De'Keither's world experience is vast—not just geographically, but in the breadth of humanity he has encountered. He has engaged in global dialogue, trained with fellow servicemen and women, fought on battlefields, and faced life's toughest challenges head-on.

Back home in Jackson, De'Keither transitioned his service from global to local. He served as City Councilman for Ward 4, where he advocated for the community that raised him. As the Mississippi State Representative for District 66, he continued to champion the needs and aspirations of his constituents.

Now, with his role of Public Service Commissioner for the Central Mississippi District, De'Keither aims to leverage his depth of experience in public service to ensure a brighter, more efficient future for his home state.

Family is the cornerstone of De'Keither's life. He is a devoted son to Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Stamps of Jackson and Debra Sturgis of Crystal Springs. His greatest pride, however, is his family who inspires him every day to build a legacy of service and integrity.

This is De'Keither Stamps: a man shaped by service, tested by conflict, and driven by a profound love for his family and community. Join him in his journey as he seeks to bring his lifetime of service to the people of Mississippi through the office of Public Service Commissioner.


Favorite quote:

"It is impossible to stop a man that just won't quit!!!!"

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